About Us


Founded in 1989 by Mr. Gary DeAngelo, Sun & Skin Care Research Inc. (SSCR) began in Virginia Beach, Virginia selling to beach stores and pool decks.

During these first years, the Ocean Potion name and product line began flourishing in beach stores, resort hotels and pool decks from Virginia Beach to Myrtle Beach, SC and continued to penetrate beach towns along the East Coast. In 1994, Mr. DeAngelo, C.E.O. and owner, moved the corporate and manufacturing facilities to Florida, the state where many sun care products are conceived.

The advantage and difference between Sun & Skin Care Research Inc. and our competitors is the entire Ocean Potion product line is produced in-house. From mixing the formulas to packaging the product and stocking the shelves – we do it all! Our unique way of doing things has helped make Ocean Potion one of the fastest growing sun and skin care products in the country.

As exciting as the growth of the Ocean Potion product line is, there is a very important element that should not be overlooked. Product quality, price and innovation are the hallmarks of Sun & Skin Care Research, Inc. During the late 80′s and early 90′s, Ocean Potion pioneered tanning items and protective sunscreens; enriching the formulas to help provide the skin with much needed moisturizers during a day in the sun. And today, Ocean Potion has a comprehensive, well balanced line of sun care products all working to tan, protect and moisturize.


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