Tanning Spray Gel

Ocean Potion® Tanning Spray Gel SPF 8 is an oil free weightless tanning gel that promotes a beautiful golden suntan while providing eight times your natural protection against a sunburn.

For skin that tans easily but occasionally burns. Made naturally with pure aloe vera, herbal extracts, sea kelp and other natural emollients to extend tan life and nourish the skin.

Also enriched with anti-oxidant vitamins A and E to help reduce cell damaging free radicals for hydrated, younger looking skin. Regular use will help reduce the risk of skin cancer, premature aging and UV induced wrinkling of the skin.

Certified Products


The Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation is granted to sun protection products that have been reviewed by and meet the stringent criteria of an independent Photobiology Committee.

One of the first programs offered by the Foundation, it quickly gained acceptance from consumers for setting the standard for effective sun protection with sunscreen products, sunglasses, specially treated auto and residential window film, umbrellas, clothing and laundry products that wash UV protection into clothing.



PETA’s Caring Consumer Project was founded to help consumers choose products that don’t contribute to animal suffering. No law requires that these types of products be tested on animals. Ocean Potion do not conduct or commission any animal tests on ingredients, formulations, or finished products and pledge not to do so in the future.